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Contextual Memory Test (CMT)

Assessment of Memory Awareness and Strategies

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CMT2-. Initial online prototype version will be available, by May 2019. Both adult and children versions

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NEW Web Based Contextual Memory Test (CMT-2)

Press above link to register at CMT-2 website (separate website)

Choose from 4 Scenes:

1. Restaurant (Adult or Children) 2. Morning (adult) 3. Morning - (children) 4.School (children)

Automatic Summary and Narrative report is generated. See FAQ for additional information

Components of the Contextual Memory Test

  • Awareness before and after the task

    • General questioning

    • Specific prediction/estimation

  • Recall of 20 Objects

    • Immediate Recall

    • Delayed Recall

  • Spontaneous Strategy Use

    • Strategy probing & analysis of recall order

  • Part II - Theme can be Provided (Induced Encoding) or Test-Teach-Retest Format can be used as indicated below

    The original CMT is Longer Available from Publisher -  The Web version (CMT-2) is in a Pilot Phase and is available Free of Charge

CMT can also be used with a Test-Teach — Retest Dynamic Format

Mediation & Strategy Generation - Immediately After Baseline or Test 1, followed by retest with a different version


Initial Research & Publications on the Contextual Memory Test

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Just Published

Raphael-Greenfield, E., Toglia, J., Hartman, A. (2019). The Contextual Memory Test. In B. J. Hemphill-Pearson and C. K. Urish (Eds.) Assessments in Occupational Therapy Mental Health: An Integrative Approach (3rd Ed.). Slack Inc: Thorofare, NJ.



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